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Say hi or take a photo with Magic the Live Unicorn who brings “Magic” to all the Realm.

We’re throwing axes and drinking beer…What could go wrong?

Welcome to the 2019 Minnesota Renaissance Festival!

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is celebrating its 49th Season!
Come and be a part of this long-standing tradition
by visiting the festival grounds in Shakopee, MN.

Open Weekends August 17 – September 29
Plus Labor Day, September 2 & Festival Friday, September 27
9am to 7pm • Rain or Shine • 952.445.7361
Free Parking!

Hug a Kangaroo, pet an African Porcupine or hand feed a grape to a Ringtail Lemur in our one of a kind Exotic Petting Zoo. Kangaroos, Porcupines & Lemurs OH HUZZAH!

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